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If you are looking to be filled by a simple and light-hearted movie, then feast your eyes on Mid-August Lunch. Main character/director/screenwriter Gianni De Gregorio cares for his 93 year old mother, along with three other elderly women in Rome. You are invited into their home, to see the food, the family, and friends that make up true Italian culture.

Italy has been called, the country of the Vespa.

Vespa means “wasp” in Italian. The scooter’s narrow waist and motor buzz led to its naming. In designing the scooter, Corradino D’Ascanio sketched the outline of a person sitting and then drew the scooter under him. He wanted to make riding the vehicle easy. He put all the controls on the handlebar, making the vehicle intellectually practical and fun to drive.

Vespa has become the symbol and sound of Italy. The classic 1952 film Roman Holiday features Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck riding a Vespa through the streets of Rome. Since that film, Vespas have been seen in countless movies and magazines. Today Vespa continues to pave the road to good design.

Piaggio announced its new 2011 Vespa S 150. This fuel-efficient ride gets up to 85 miles to the gallon. In true Italian fashion its stronger, smoother, and even more stylish. For as little as $4,399 you can feel the wind rush through you hair.

This spring, hit the road like an Italian. Where would you go on your Vespa?

Coming from Christian tradition, Italians eat lamb on Easter. Sheep herds can be seen grazing on the hills and mountainous regions of Italy. There are over 50 indigenous sheep breeds. They are raised mostly for their milk. Their milk is used to make the traditional Italian cheeses we love, like Pecorino Romano.

The main course Easter Sunday is almost always Lamb. This meat can be prepared in a variety of ways. It not only represents the Italian culture, but the reason we celebrate Easter.

At Easter this year, gather your family and friends to break bread. Here’s some help from Giada on how to make delicious Italian lamb chops.