2 Mar 2010, Comments (1)

Cat didn’t get Beppe Bigazzi’s Tongue

Author: Martin Milius

In Italy animal activists are up in arms after food writer Beppe Bigazzi suggested eating cat stew and explained how to prepare and cook the meat on national television.

The Italian Animal Protection Agency said, “anyone who goes on television to promote the taste of cat meat is guilty of instigating viewers to commit an act of cruelty to animals, a crime punishable by up to 18 months in prison.” Killing cats is illegal in Italy.

Bigazzi has been suspended from the show La Prova Del Cuoco. He said he was joking, but as a young boy in Tuscany he frequently ate cat stew. Eating cats is nothing new. Food historians said in the past, Italians often ate cat during economic hardship. Cat is alternative meat in many countries around the world. China is famous for its cat and dog recipes.

Whether or not it is acceptable to eat cat depends on the culture. Italian culture has changed since the 1930’s when Bigazzi was eating cat at the dinner table. Bigazzi obviously knows that, but he wanted to teach history. Can we not excuse an old man for sharing Italian history? Have we lost our sense of humor?

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