10 Mar 2010, Comments (0)

Even Ronald McDonald wants to be Italian with the McItaly

Author: Martin Milius

In an attempt to please the fine food pallet of Italy, McDonalds introduced its McItaly. It is their take on Italian food. The burgers feature all Italian ingredients such as olive oil, pancetta, and asiago cheese.

Gratefully the ingredients do come from Italy. In theory the homegrown ingredients will boost the Italian economy. However lets face it, McDonalds is McDonalds no matter where you are. That’s the charm of it right? Cheap, fast, fat filled food. So when you go to Italy you can choose to not feast on the best cuisine in the world and instead eat a freakin burger from McDonalds.

I wonder what parents think when they take their young kids to Italy. The kids see the golden arch and start crying for a happy meal. The parents then buy the meal only to have it be a McItaly burger and their kids won’t eat it.

McDonalds is not the only one to blame for introducing this Italian imposter. The Italian government was happy to put on an apron and serve up some McItaly burgers.

McDonalds being business savvy announced this new burger at their restaurant that sits at the feet of the Spanish Steps in Rome. These steps are one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. So you can go to Italy, sit on the Spanish steps, people watch, and eat the crappy Italian food that McDonalds dishes up.

Thank you McDonalds. It’s been said that imitation is the biggest form of flattery and there are few burgers flatter than yours.